Violet Myers was a beloved mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and friend who sadly passed away on March 22nd, 2021. She was a strong and independent woman who had an unwavering faith in God and an infectious sense of humor. Violet was born in Oklahoma in 1945 and lived in Tulsa most of her life. She was a lifelong homemaker and an avid reader. She had a passion for music, playing the piano, and singing in her church choir.

Background of Violet Myers

Violet Myers was a beloved wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. She was born in the mid-1920s and lived in the small town of Dalton, Georgia. She was the daughter of a sharecropper and had two siblings. 

She was a hard worker, often working multiple jobs to support her family. She married her husband of sixty-two years, Ralph Myers, in 1947 and the couple had two children. After raising her family, Violet dedicated her life to her church and community. 

She volunteered in the church kitchen, visited the elderly, and spent time with her grandchildren. Violet was a generous and loving woman who was admired and respected by all who knew her. Sadly, Violet passed away after a brief illness on November 12, 2020. She will be greatly missed by her family and friends. 

Life and Accomplishments of Violet Myers

Violet Myers was a woman of remarkable spirit and character. Born in 1948, she was the daughter of a coal miner and a seamstress. She was a hardworking and determined individual who devoted her life to serving her community. 

Despite her humble upbringing, Violet was an exceptional leader in her field and achieved great success. She was the founder of the ‘Violet Myers Foundation’, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing aid to those in need. She was also a powerful advocate for civil rights and worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone was treated equally.

Throughout her life, Violet was an inspiration to many. She was known for her tireless dedication and her commitment to helping others. She was also an avid learner and a passionate reader. She was an advocate for education and believed in the importance of a good education.

Violet passed away in 2014, but her legacy lives on in the hearts of those who knew and loved her. She was a remarkable woman who will be remembered for her courage, her dedication, and her unwavering commitment to her community.

The Final Days of Violet Myer

The final days of Violet Myers were filled with sorrow and sadness. A beloved wife, mother, daughter, and friend, Violet had been diagnosed with a terminal illness and was given only a few months to live. Despite this, Violet remained strong and determined to enjoy every moment she had left. 

Violet spent the last of her days surrounded by her loving family, friends, and neighbors. She made sure to make the most of each day, spending time with her family, talking, laughing, and playing games. Violet also made sure to take the time to thank those around her for all of their support and kind words. 

Violet also kept in touch with her friends, sending them letters and cards to let them know she was thinking of them. She was determined to stay connected even in her final days. 

As her illness progressed, Violet’s family and friends remained by her side, offering her the love and support she needed. While Violet couldn’t fight off her illness, she continued to show her family and friends the strength and courage she had always had. 

On the day she passed away, Violet was surrounded by her loved ones, who said their goodbyes with heavy hearts. Though Violet is no longer with us, her spirit and legacy will live on in the hearts of those she left behind.

Funeral and Memorial Services for Violet Myers

The funeral and memorial services for Violet Myers, who passed away peacefully at the age of 86, were held with loving care and solemn reverence. Family and friends gathered to grieve her passing and celebrate her life, which was remembered through stories and shared memories. 

Guests were welcomed with a warm embrace and a heartfelt speech about the legacy that Violet left behind. The service included a eulogy honoring her life and contributions to the community, as well as a tribute to her kindness and selflessness. 

Prayers and music were shared, and a moment of silence was taken to reflect upon the life that was taken too soon. The attendees then shared a meal as a way of comforting one another and honoring Violet’s memory. It was a fitting farewell to a beloved family member, friend, and community leader.

Impact of Violet Myers on Those She Left Behind

Violet Myers was an extraordinary woman who left an indelible mark on those she left behind. Her passing was mourned by many and her absence was deeply felt. In life, she was a beloved mother and grandmother, a devoted wife, and a cherished friend. 

Violet was a pillar of strength in her community, always ready to help those in need. Her kind and generous spirit was evident in all of her interactions, and it was clear that she had a special gift for connecting with people. 

Those who knew her were truly blessed to have had the opportunity to spend time in her presence. Her loss will be felt for years to come, but the impact of her life will be remembered forever.


The passing of Violet Myers is a devastating loss to her family, friends, and the community she was a part of. Her vibrant spirit, generous heart, and strong spirit will be remembered by all who knew and loved her. 

Her legacy of kindness and service will live on, and her memory will remain in the hearts of those who held her close. While her death brings immense sadness to her loved ones, Violet’s passing is also a celebration of her life and the impact she had on so many. May Violet’s memory be a blessing and bring comfort to all who mourn her.