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Niat Puasa Senin Kamis 

Fasting holds a significant place in many religions and cultures around the world. It’s a practice that transcends mere physical abstinence from food and drink, it’s a profound spiritual journey. Among the various fasting practices, Niat Puasa Senin Kamis stands out as a unique and…

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Raja Haji Ahmad 

In the annals of history, certain individuals stand out not just for their leadership but also for the indelible mark they leave on their communities and the world at large. Raja Haji Ahmad is one such luminary whose life and legacy continue to inspire generations….

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Violet Myers Passed Away 

Violet Myers was a beloved mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and friend who sadly passed away on March 22nd, 2021. She was a strong and independent woman who had an unwavering faith in God and an infectious sense of humor. Violet was born in Oklahoma in 1945…