You are probably well aware of the fact that poker is among the most common card games in the world, regardless of whether you play poker in person or play poker online for real money. There are songs that have been written on it, movies that have been based on it, and careers that have been built on it! Poker is played all over the globe, both in private homes and in land-based casinos, and the online version of the game has also seen a lot of success. If you want to take a chance on Spartan poker or stick to what you already know and love, there are a few intriguing stories, bizarre superstitions, and (nearly) incredible facts that have resulted from so many years of play. So, whether you want to take a chance on poker games or stick to something you already know and love, you should know these things. Let’s have a peek, shall we?

The most extensive poker competition lasted for eight years

Tombstone, Arizona’s Bird Cage Theatre is said to have played home to a poker game that lasted for a whopping eight years, beginning in 1881 and ending in 1889. The game of poker was played nonstop for a full week, twenty-four hours a day, and the buy-in was set at $1,000. The stakes were huge. It is said that the game lasted for eight years, five months, and three days, but these details have not been independently confirmed, so take this information with a grain of salt. The final victor must have been so exhausted that he or she need a vacation simply to recuperate.

In 1998, a game of online poker for real money was played for the first time

It is difficult for many individuals, especially members of the younger generations, to conceive (or even remember) a time when we did not have access to everything at the touch of a button. Before the year 1998, poker was only played in private homes or in casinos with physical locations. On 1st Jan, 1998, however, a game of poker for real money was played for the first time on the website of Planet Poker. Since that time, the chance to play poker online has been made more freely accessible to the general public, and the business of virtual poker has grown to become an industry worth several billions of dollars today.

Poker Games Were Traditionally Conducted Using 20 Cards

Have you ever opened a deck of cards to get started and then realized that you were missing a few of them? If so, you probably know the sinking sensation that comes with it. You might take solace in the fact that the first poker games consisted of just 20 cards and four players. This meant that each player received a total of only five cards in their hand as per the poker rules. The games were easier and quicker to play, but offered fewer ways in which the pieces may be combined. In truth, the additional 32 cards weren’t added to games until 1830, when they replaced the original 20.