In the beauty industry, a new generation of consumers demands ethical and transparent practices. In addition, they want to participate in product development.

Adapting to this shift requires looking beyond your existing market and competitors. Taking inspiration from other industries is one way to generate innovative ideas. For example, food and sustainability pioneer Beauty Kitchen is mentoring larger organisations to set up reusable packaging initiatives.

Distrakt Art is a unique brand of dark and sinister music that has cracked sound barriers and traveled across the globe. It has been played by high profile artists like Huoratron, Gtronic, NT89, Shameboy, and Felix Cartel. It has also been released on international labels such as Basserk, Mahtrasher, Crux, and Boxon records.

Distrakt has earned respect simply because of his endurance and persistence. He has remained focused on his creative control without the distraction of jewels, empty promises, spinning rims, groupies, and slimy label managers. He has forged his own path and is unafraid to be the hunter. He loves crate digging and discovering new artists. This is what makes his music so compelling. The atom is part of his signature visual emblem because he believes that everything in this universe is connected.

Distrakt Design

Distrakt Design is a software platform that allows users to create and modify their own designs. It is easy to use and works on both PCs and Macs. It can be used by designers of all levels to create professional-looking and unique designs. The software also includes a number of tools that help to improve the quality of the finished product.

The atom is part of Distrakt’s signature visual emblem. What is it about this symbol that appeals to you?

Distrakt Music

Distrakt is an emcee / producer from Colorado Springs. He recently released his first full length LP, ‘Distraktions’. He did everything on the album himself: beats, recording, mixing and lyrics. It was very satisfying for him to be able to put out this record and have it embraced by true heads.

He deserves respect simply for his endurance, persistence, creative control and self-reliance. He did not have the luxuries of major label backing, high populated cites for street promotion or guest appearances on other artist’s albums to help him get the word out. He hunted down this interview himself.

He also believes that hip hop is lacking the hunger it had years ago and wants to be a part of bringing it back. He is currently working on a new project that should be out this year. It will be something very different. Check out his website to stay updated. You can even purchase some of his artwork there.